Keynote Speakers

We are thrilled to announce our keynote speakers , prominent experts with international reputations, for the 2019 Conference.

Professor Claudia Klier

Professor Claudia Klier is an adult and child psychiatrist working at the Medical University of Vienna where she is head of the Paediatric Psychosomatic Clinic at the Children’s Hospital, General Hospital. She has worked internationally, at several USA universities and in Melbourne. She leads research on perinatal psychiatry and filicide, especially on the prevention of neonaticide.  Much of her research comprises inter-country comparisons.

Dr Russell Wate

Dr Russell Wate is a retired police officer, formerly Detective Chief Superintendent for the Cambridge Constabulary, UK, and the UK policing lead investigator for child deaths.   He has been a major policy contributor to several UK national policy reviews into the handling of the investigation of child deaths and into the development of child protection policy and services.  He has been awarded the Police Medal for this work.   His research focus is on the managing of investigations into child deaths.   He brings a rare combination of on the job experience together with research expertise on child deaths and their investigation. 

Professor Cathy Humphreys

Cathy Humphreys is Professor of Social Work at University of Melbourne, a position she was appointed to in 2006 following 12 years as an academic in the UK at the University of Warwick. She is also co-chair (with Prof Kelsey Hegarty) of the Melbourne research Alliance to End Violence Against Women and Their Children (MAEVe) and one of the lead investigators on the Safer Families Centre for Research Excellence led Kelsey Hegarty. Professor Humphreys is a well published author of both books and more than 100 journal articles.  Cathy worked as a social work practitioner in the mental health, domestic violence, and children, youth and families sector for 16 years before becoming a social work academic.

Dr Adam Tomison

Dr Tomison is currently appointed as the Director General of the Western Australian Department of Justice.  Prior to this position he was the Director and Chief Executive of the Australian Institute of Criminology from 2009 to 2015 and had previously held various senior executive positions within the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families, including time as the Director of the NT’s statutory child protection and family support services.
Dr Adam Tomison is internationally recognised as an expert in the prevention of child maltreatment and family violence, and the development of child protection and family support systems. For over two decades he has worked with a range of government and non-government organisations and advocacy groups in Australia and overseas. He first became well known for his work at the Australian Institute of Family Studies where he developed the National Child Protection Clearinghouse, an internationally-recognised centre for excellence, and the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault.

Professor Jane Fisher

Jane Fisher, an academic Clinical and Health Psychologist, is Finkel Professor of Global Public Health and Professor of Women’s Health in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. She is Immediate Past President of the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health. Jane has longstanding interests in gender-based risks for women’s reproductive health and mental health and of how these can be addressed in psychologically-informed clinical practices and health promotion strategies.

Megan Mitchell

Megan Mitchell is Australia’s first National Children’s Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission, appointed in 2013. In her role as Commissioner, Megan focuses solely on the rights and interests of children, and the laws, policies and programs that impact on them.

Each year, Megan presents a statutory report to federal Parliament on the state of children’s rights in Australia. In her work to date, Megan has focused on the prevalence of suicide and intentional self-harm in children and young people, the impact of family and domestic violence on children and young people, the oversight of children and young people in correctional detention, and the experiences and trajectories of young parents and their children.

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