Conference registration

In an effort to streamline our conference registration process, this year, we will be using Eventbrite to help us manage tickets and registrations. We will be adding a link from our homepage so you can easily find your way and purchase tickets.

Please visit our Eventbrite event site to secure your Early Bird tickets

This year’s Early Bird Registration fees will be:

  • Full Early Bird $450.00 AUS
  • Early Bird Student $250.00 AUS
  • Early Bird Day 1 $250.00 AUS
  • Early Bird Day 2 $200.00 AUS

The Full Early Bird, Student Early Bird, and Day 1 Early Bird all include the welcome reception on Thursday evening.

Please note that partners are most welcome to the evenings event however, a separate welcome reception ticket for partners will have to be purchased.

There will also be the option to participate in a walking tour of Melbourne. This side event is free but you will need to register online as there are limited places available.

Early Bird pricing will be available to conference attendees from June 1 until September 30, 2019. 

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