Addressing Filicide: Fourth International Conference for Cross-National Dialogue

The bi-annual International Addressing Filicide Conferences held in 2013, 2015 and 2017 at the Monash Prato Italy Centre brought together researchers, policy and program experts, and service providers, internationally, to inspire a long-term focus on developing an international knowledge base on filicide, a type of child homicide where a parent(s) or equivalent guardian(s) kill their child or children.

The Monash Deakin Filicide Research Hub, which has sponsored the past conferences are pleased to announce that our bi-annual conference will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, for the first time ever. The conference will take place at Deakin Downtown on November 14 – 15, 2019.

We hope that the new location will continue to attract delegates from Canada, USA, UK and Europe, and bring new delegates from Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and South-East Asia.

We are seeking expressions of interest from potential contributors (Papers, Workshops, Panels) for the 2019 conference related to the following themes:

Types of filicide

This theme includes all manifestations of filicide such as neonaticide, infanticide, single or multiple filicide, filicide-suicide, familicide, or any other intra-familial child homicide event.

Factors associated with filicide

This theme includes associated factors that are present or might be a part of a filicide event including, but not limited to, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, family law, separation or divorce, criminal history.

Education and prevention

Education and prevention This theme explores the role of education and prevention for communities, professionals, existing programs, policy initiatives, risk assessment strategies, etc.

Creating child-safe organizations and filicide

This theme aims to explore the impact of the newly implemented child safety policy on filicide prevention.

Criminal Justice system and filicide

This theme aims to explore the interactions between the different stages in and agents of the criminal justice system and filicide events such as police, forensic experts, sentencing, prison programs, child death review committees, coroners, etc.


This theme covers all new research relating to filicide and media coverage of filicide events.

Post filicide services

This theme aims to explore the existence and role of programs for victims, their families, and other filicide survivors that may be available.

To express your interest in presenting or attending the upcoming Addressing Filicide Conference please contact:

Professor Thea Brown
Social Work, Monash University

Dr Danielle Tyson
Criminology, Deakin University

Dr Paula Fernandez Arias
Social Work, Monash University

You can also have a look at our keynote speakers.

If you wish to receive conference updates or join our mailing list please fill in the form below.


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